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7845D55C-3B87-48C1-A2A3-A595156B1069Murphy: Satan’s Fury MC ~ Memphis

by L. Wilder

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Some rules are meant to be broken.

New York Times and USA Today Best Seller L. Wilder brings readers a new addition to the Satan’s Fury Memphis series.

Murphy’s Law- Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

As Satan’s Fury’s sergeant-at-arms, it was my job to stay one step ahead. It was up to me to make sure the club was ready when things went awry. I had to anticipate our enemies’ every move and plan accordingly. I couldn’t let Murphy’s Law bite me in the a*, so I created a set of rules to follow.

•The club comes first.
•Always have your brother’s back.
•Don’t make promises you can’t keep.
•Don’t buy into other people’s bullsht.
•Never let your emotions rule you.

I thought they’d prepare me for anything, but I was wrong. Nothing could’ve prepared me for Riley Nichols—the farmer’s daughter with coal-black eyes and a fiery tongue. She took me by surprise, mesmerizing me with her strength and tempting me with her innocence.

I wanted to make her mine, but having her meant breaking my rules—every last one of them.

Murphy is book four of the Satan’s Fury MC- Memphis Chapter. While this book is a continuation of book 3, it can be read as a standalone. Murphy is a full-length novel is intended for mature audiences only due to the explicit language and violence. Contains no cheating and a swoon-worthy HEA.

I’ve always loved Leslie Wilder’s books—each and every one of them. This series, Satan’s Fury MC-Memphis, is a spinoff that takes us across the country from Cotton, Stitch, and the rest of the Washington State chapter to another Satan’s Fury chapter located in, well, Memphis, Tennessee. Murphy is the fourth installment and it ROCKS!

First of all, let me just say that Leslie Wilder doesn’t sugarcoat anything in this spinoff series. Each installment is raw, has a bit more violence, and is sexy-as-hell with one common denominator: don’t f%#k with Satan’s Fury and those they love. The outlaw MC life is a tough one, and there’s a reason the Fury reign supreme in the South. 

Murphy is the Memphis chapter’s sergeant-at-arms and takes his job seriously, always worrying and planning ahead when it comes to his club’s best interests. His road name even stems from Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong will go wrong. And so it does …

The last installment, Riggs, was a complete jaw-dropping, on-the-edge-of-your-seat, heart-wrenching story that although it wasn’t a cliffy, it needed, no, it deserved more of an explanation as to how the fallout effected the club. Leslie gives it to us with guns ablazin’, perfectly told from Murphy’s POV. Nothing breaks the bonds of the brotherhood of Satan’s Fury MC.

As I mentioned above, Murphy has his own set of laws and puts a lot of pressure on himself to keep them all in check, but if he thinks getting involved with someone and falling in love is one he’ll abide, he’s just wrong—so very wrong.

Enter Riley Nichols. Smart, pretty, sassy, and not very good at handling her Long Island iced teas. Riley lives with her dad and her brother, Hunter, on their horse-breeding farm. Her mom is gone, a cancer victim, and that fact plays a big part in the storyline. In addition to the expenses that come along with breeding horses, Riley’s dad had spent a fortune trying to get the best care for his wife, including experimental treatments—anything to make her healthy. I think it’s safe to say that any one of us in that position would move heaven and earth for our loved ones. Unfortunately, the bills that add up can easily became insurmountable, leaving a huge financial burden on those left behind. 

Maybe selling illegal guns is a lucrative business for cartels, gangbangers, and MCs, but it sure isn’t the kind of trouble that an upstanding farm owner wants to get himself involved with. It’s because of this that Riley and Murphy meet. Boy, do things start to heat up between the two even though Riley’s dad has vehemently ordered his daughter to stay away from Murphy and his MC—Pfft! What twenty-four-year-old woman is going to listen anyway!

 Things go wrong for Mr. Nichols. Very wrong. Murphy has told him from the very beginning how it could all go south. The MC isn’t the only buyer who Mr. Nichols is dealing with, but they’re the first call he makes for help when Riley goes missing. I guess good ol’ Mr. Nichols shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. After all, he himself is a walking contradiction.

So, as the situation goes from bad to worse, the results aren’t pretty, especially when Murphy’s girl, Riley, is in trouble and Satan’s Fury gets involved. 

What. A. Story!! Like the others before it, this segment is also action packed, deeply heart felt, funny at times (the banter between club members is priceless!), with just enough steam. The whole cast of characters are brilliant, each adding so much depth to the storyline. I love that we still can enjoy the guys from the Washington chapter and how they interact with one another. It was so cool to “see” both chapter presidents, Cotton and Gus, taking care of business together. 

~~When I walked in, I found Cotton and Gus having a drink. They were in a deep discussion and hadn’t noticed that I’d come into the room. I stood there for a moment, appreciating the fact that I was in the presence of two living legends as they sat there talking. They were both known for leading their clubs with an iron fist, neither of them backing down when faced with adversity. Instead, they faced it with strength and determination. They both had balls of steel, and never showed a moment’s hesitation when it came to protecting the brotherhood. There wasn’t a brother around who’d ever question their loyalty to the club, and I was grateful for the opportunity to work alongside them. When Gus noticed me standing in the doorway, he motioned me over and said, “Hey, brother. Come have a beer.” ~~

Murphy and Riley are great together. I love when a female lead is strong yet understanding of her role within the MC world. These two truly compliment each other, and I‘m glad Murphy’s laws cracked just enough and allowed him to get the girl! Phenomenal read!! Five stars for me!!!!! 

Reviewed by Lisa Cullinan Bourbon, Bikes, and Books





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